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Original title Life Story

Duration N/A


Release 23 Oct 2014

Origin UK

Languages English



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genre New Movies,TV Shows

N/A Sinopsis de LIFE STORY SEASON 1 – HDTV (2014)

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‘Life Story’ is narrated by David Attenborough who tells of the journey through life. From the moment we are born we are set on taking a journey – a journey that unites every animal on the planet. The series follows six crucial stages: first steps, growing up, finding a home, gaining power, winning a mate and succeeding as a parent.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “First Steps”
The first episode starts at the very beginning of life. The first hurdles of life is infancy. We are vulnerable, naive however we are determined. Many young animals face their biggest challenges in the first few days of life. There are two day old barnacle geese who have to jump 400 foot to be able to reach food and to be able to fly. Elsewhere there is a humpback whale calf getting ready to start on a 3000 mile migration. In Kenya a lion cub has only one in five chance of surviving its first two years.



Season 1, Episode 2 – “Growing Up”
The cameras follow follows animals as they grow up in the adult world, learning new skills and learning how to survive alone.



Season 1, Episode 03 – “Home”
Animals need to find somewhere to live that provides the necessities of life, shelter from the elements and a refuge from enemies. Home for a pack of African hunting dogs is a vast plain in Zambia, but it’s not safe.



Season 1, Episode 04 – “Power”
A look at how animals hope to rise through the ranks of society to gain the best access to food, water and been the most attractive to the opposite sex.


Season 1, Episode 05 – “Courtship”
The show takes a look at the competition to breed which has created both the most extraordinary beauty and the most violent battles seen in nature.


Season 1, Episode 05 – “Parenthood”
The cameras follow animals as they attempt to rear their offspring. A female turtle, returns to the island where she was born 30 years ago to lay her eggs in a safe place above the tide line. A mother bonobo chimpanzee has been looking after her son for five years, deep in the forest whilst a mother zebra needs to decide where to lead her young foal across the river so that they can reach a new grazing area.


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